July 2012 Christian Monthly

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Edition Type: Monthly
Published: 7/2012



"The Solid Foundation" Ron Holmgren

"God Is Faithful to His Promises" Travis Seppala

"Praise" Henry Law

Did You Know?

"The Time of Our Visitation" Beth Staudinger

Memoriam: Rudella (Della) Nelson

"A Piece of Saul's Robe" Gwen Wilson

"Jesus—Full of Grace and Truth" W. Torola

"Small Town Preachers" Andy Kandoll

Fall Services Invitation Tapiola Congregation

"Drugs, Alcohol, Pornography and Abuse" David Olson

"Time" Joy Bergstedt

"The Christian Walk" Shane Juuti

"True Faith" A. W. Tozer

"It's Between Me and God" Cara Mae Helmes