October 2011 Christian Monthly

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Edition Type: Monthly
Published: 10/2011



"The Good Shepherd" by Elmer Yliniemi

"Thy Sins Are Forgiven" by Martin Luther

"Let's Remember to Pray" by Mark Matson

"His Life for Thee!" by F.R. Havergal

"The High and Lofty One" by Bruce Sarkela

"Let Us Rejoice!" by Nancy Jarvi

"Light Is Invisible" by Roy Hession

"Hear Good Instruction" by Gwen Wilson

"The Right Word" by Watchman Nee

"Hymns and Spiritual Songs" by Martin Luther

"Raising Our Children" by Shane Juuti

"Comfort Ye" by C.E. Cowman

"Prayer" by Johann Habermann

"Christian Monthly Changes" by Lois Matson

"Teach Me, Lord" by Lucy Bennett