November 2016 Christian Monthly

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Edition Type: Monthly
Published: 11/2016



"As Heaven Is High Above the Earth" C.O. Rosenius

"An Exhortation to a Christian Life" Mark Matson

"How Very Precious Is the Blood of Christ" Paul Coponen

"A Scene in Glory" John Ruotsala

"God's Daily Mercy" Fredrik Wisloff

"Give Thanks Unto God" Gwen Wilson

"No Greater Love" Gene Mixon

"Faith Alone Makes Us Good" Martin Luther

"Lift Up Your Heads" Dennis Hannu

"The Celebration of Advent" Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"God's Not a Racist" Lois Matson

"Giving Thanks" Chuck Bylkas

"Recipients of the Bounties of Heaven" Abraham Lincoln

"O Eternal and Everlasting God" George Washington