Current Monthly Edition:

February 2020 Christian Monthly

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Published: 2/2020

"Costly Grace" Dietrich Bonhoeffer
"Repent and Believe the Gospel" Ron Holmgren
"Our Will" Rod Johnson
"Of Repentance" Smalcald Articles
"God and Jesus Always" Gwen Wilson
"The Righteousness of Faith" Formula of Concord
"On the Sacrament and Love" Martin Luther
Statement of Ownership
"What Is God's Will?" Lois Matson
"Faith Pleases God" R.D. Preus
"Book Recommendation: Lutheran Book of Prayer" Lois Matson
"Where the Water Meets the Shore" Gordon Kuusisto

Current Children's Edition:

Winter 2017 CM for Children

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Published: 12/2017

Naomi & Ruth
Toddlers: Grandparents
Tots: God Knows Everything
Tykes: Naomi = Pleasant
Tweens: Loyal, Humble, and Kind
Teens: Love Your Enemies
Boaz & Ruth
Puzzle Fun: The Story of Ruth
Coloring Page: Ruth and Naomi
Ruth's Song
For Parents: Forever Love