Current Monthly Edition:

January 2022 Christian Monthly

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Published: 2/2022

"Another Auld Lang Syne" Jay Weidner
"The Naming of Jesus" Martin Luther
"The Master's Call" Oscar Wilson
"Jesus, Twelve Years Old" Gwen Wilson
"When Forgiveness Is Suffering" Jill Carattini
2022 ALC Calendar Notice
"The Theology of the Gospel" Scott R Murray
"Contentment" Andy Kandoll
"Too Good to Be True?" Lois Matson
2022 Convention Notice
"Beauty for Ashes" Paul Coponen

Current Children's Edition:

Winter 2017 CM for Children

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Published: 12/2017

Naomi & Ruth
Toddlers: Grandparents
Tots: God Knows Everything
Tykes: Naomi = Pleasant
Tweens: Loyal, Humble, and Kind
Teens: Love Your Enemies
Boaz & Ruth
Puzzle Fun: The Story of Ruth
Coloring Page: Ruth and Naomi
Ruth's Song
For Parents: Forever Love